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Feb. 8th, 2012



Shut Down?

So I'm calling it.

If anyone is actually still around. ^^"

Is it safe to say we're done-so? Everyone's really busy, and I believe that interest has been lost in the game. If anyone still wants to continue speak up. Otherwise I think I'll be hunting down Kai in a bit to decide what to do. ^^" Sorry. DX

So thanks everyone, you've been great. If we shut down we shut down. ^^"

Nov. 3rd, 2011

Belgie Glasses Cat Face


A Note from the Desk of Belgium



Nov. 1st, 2011



Happy Late Halloween and Thanksgiving eh!

So H-Halloween was yesterday eh? Alfred and E-England were off scaring each other as usual, a-and I went to a Halloween party. There w-were lots of fun games, l-like bobbing for apples I went as a mummy, l-like from Egypt! F-Francis unraveled me later. ;3  Anyway it was uneventful t-this year. So so so grateful....

Thanksgiving was really quiet again.... Alfred keeps insisting it's Columbus day... -.- Hoser. But I made a lot of delicious food, and gave my thanks for everything I have. ^^ .............. Although I-I'll probably be giving thanks with Alfred again this month.... It's too bad everyone's so busy lately. 

T-Though for a brief period I visited some E-European nations. Y-You all know who y-you are.  Anyway make sure you give your thanks, a-and I-I hope you all h-had a happy Halloween!


Oct. 24th, 2011


Italy's been cooking in my home for a very long time now.

I've spent hours out of my day just cleaning up after him when he finally quits and disappears to whereever he goes off to. Some of my nicest pots are burnt due to over-use, rusted, mangled...

I found a spoon stuck to my highest ceiling with pasta stuck to it still. There's pasta all over my house. It's been matted in every single one of my dog's hair before. It took me hours to get it out without hurting them.

I have extra plates of pasta in my house, in my refrigerator. That is all that is in there.

Would anyone like some pasta?

Does anyone know how to get tomato sauce stains out of the bathtub?

(( Fuuuuuuuuuuuu-- I'm so sorry. I've been wasting all my time on other things and pocket completely slipped my mind! D: D: I still wanna be Germany! And Australia! I didn't mean to not post since July I soooooorrryyyyyyyyyyy. I like being Germany and it's fuuuuun, I'll try and be around more ofteeeeeen! ))


Oct. 19th, 2011



Chat RP

WE HAVEN'T DONE ONE IN FOREVER! So I figure next weekend if anyone's interested? If I get two people we're good, yeah?

That's why I gave notice. I was planning on springing it but I figure I need to give everyone time to see it. XD

Come back soon everyone! XD I just have too much free time on my hands I guess. That'll change a bit but anyway.... yeah! :D 



(no subject)

S-So I finally had some free time, and I-I thought I should update this thing eh? Even though half the time I'm pretty sure nobody recognizes me even with the name and everything...

The e-economy isn't doing too great. Maple L-Leaf Foods is laying off a g-great deal of p-people eh? :/ But i-it can only get better! :) I'm sure of it. 

Francis c-came to visit f-for awhile as always i-it was wonderful. J'taime. >.< I still c-can't find my underwear though.... O////O"  I-It's part of the reason I-I'm in Quebec. Although the French is really accented c-compared to y-your French, Francis. >///<

I-I was thinking maybe sometime soon I-I'd visit Europe for a change. I could visit F-Francis, Gilbert, and anyone else. A n-nice change of pace eh? I only ever see A-Alfred around here.... When he remembers me.  And occasionally C-Cuba eh? He isn't doing much visiting up here lately because it's getting so c-cold. 

Other than t-that I'm thinking of t-taking up a h-hobby or a part time j-job and getting a h-hair cut. Alfred was teasing me about my l-long hair again. 

I hope everyone is w-well! See you again s-soon!


Oct. 11th, 2011

-_-&quot; ROMANOOO~


Uh... Hi again....

So... Ciao, I guess.

I haven't been on the computer much lately... There's been too much work to do, what with the EU in shambles and the Euro basically dying and all. Oh, and Greece pulling us all into fucking more debt because of the collapse, with, me and my brother, Spain, and Ireland next.


So, yeah. It's been really busy here in Italy. Can you tell?

I probably won't be back on for a while again, anyways. I have too much work to do and no fourth ditsy brother to force it upon.

I guess I'll see you all around, then.

((oh God oh God I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in forever omg I'm sorry. I've been wicked busy trying to apply for college and work and do homework and all my internet time has magically disappeared into the vortex that is tumblr and I'm so sorry but I'll be back on as soon as I can to comment and post more often, I promise!!!))

Sep. 29th, 2011



Farewell for GetoffKitty.

This is admin, me. I figured that I should alert the group that Getoffkitty, Kimmy, America/England.... is leaving us.

She will be missed.  A few days back she sent me the message about it when I inquired all of you about playing more.

She has her own reasons for leaving the game and again she we'll miss her here at War In A Pocket. She was a wonderful America and England. 

Peace Out All. Please Come back soon.

Sep. 28th, 2011



(no subject)

Ah'm tired as aul pure dead hell!

Ye dinnae e'en ken, Ah've been up tae all hours doin' paperwork, and me eedjit brother Arty's run off tae God ken where and Ah got tae cover fer 'im! Ah havnae slept prior tae 2 in the morn fer the last fortnight 'cos I'm just doing all sorts o' paperwork! An' that eedjit jus' up and leaves an' Ah dinnae where he is or whot he's up tae, but when Ah find him Ah'll pure throttle 'im! Bloody bastard.

Sep. 24th, 2011

Belgi Chu


To my fellow nations....

As you know last you heard from me I was on the run and looking for someone to hang out with before I was taken into captivity once again. 



I SAW THE SMURF'S MOVIE ALONE! AAAAAAAAALOOOONEEEE! I enjoyed every second but still....

Neither of my broers (Luxemburg and Netherlands) answered either! We're a family and everything! But I guess they were busy but really a two hour movie doesn't take much out of one's day.

Anyway the moral of the story is that Big Sister Belgium appears quite friendless and has been recaptured. Weeks ago in fact... 

So I demand that someone make it up to me, please. Big sister misses everyone and thinks that people should start being around again!~ :3

So for now, so long~ Au Revior~ Make plans with me now, and I'll share my yummy chocolate with you! :3


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